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Castle Golf (UK): Exhibiting at Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Castle Golf (UK)

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We are a leader in the mini golf construction industry. Castle Golf (UK) have, over the last ten years, been working alongside Castle Golf Inc of America, widely considered one of the World leaders in the construction and Design of Adventure & Mini Golf Courses. Our construction team has been working in partnership with the directors and staff of Castle Golf Inc. creating indoor and outdoor courses in locations in and around the United Kingdom and Europe. Recent construction projects have been completed in Belfast, Edinburgh, Clacton Pier and more recently Cromer. Other projects in the last ten years include (but not limited to) Dublin,Nottingham, Castleford and Hastings. Hastings it is worth noting is the Home of the world mini golf championships). This working partnership has given our team the knowledge and expertise to become one of the most experienced Adventure Golf Course builders in the UK. Other services we can provide for Adventure and Mini Golf include: Design & Build Refresh & Theming New Planting & Landscaping Replacement Carpeting (Holes & Walkways) Ponds & Pools (Construction, Upgrade & Servicing) Replacement Balls, Cups & Clubs Rockwork & Kerbing

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