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Sterling Note Ltd: Exhibiting at Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Sterling Note Ltd

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The £0 Note is a NEW customisable merchandising product and enables to have a bespoke design with, your logo, your attraction, a character or any design you want on it.

Everything can be designed, respectfully and bring opportunities to create entire collections.

The £0 Note is as real as banknotes you have in your wallet, obviously with no-fiduciary value, but it comes with all same security features as real banknotes have : including paper, UV ink, holograms, microtexts, intaglio, tactile marks, unique serial number for each single note, and it is printed by the world’s 3rd largest producer of banknotes which prints banknotes for Governments and Central Banks from all over the world.

A QR code can also be added in the design to lead right to your website or your online shop. That's for the main technical specifications.

The £0 Note is a way to offer a NEW merchandising product to your visitors : a high-end, bespoke, high quality, and collectable item, which on top of that is still very affordable for visitors (and collectors).

The Souvenir Note concept exists since 2015 as a €0 Souvenir Note and meets a large success in Europe with 2,500+ client sites : museums, leisure parks, zoos & aquariums, castles, historical monuments, sport venues as well ...

Today this experience and our statistics (nurtured by our clients’ numbers) shows that on average : 4 % of visitors buy a Souvenir Note.

It's now the moment to prepare the 2022 Season and get a mock up for your venue.

You are welcome to meet us on our stand 4240 and let's have a talk on your NEW and NEXT successful merchandising product : the £0 Souvenir Note !

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