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Top 10 Best and Most Affordable Theme Parks in the UK

Want to find out what makes the UK’s theme park scene so vibrant? Discover the top 10 best and most affordable theme parks in the UK, here...

Getting the whole family involved in something together can sometimes be difficult, as a parent. That said, theme parks make a fantastic day out, for kids, teenagers, and adults, uniting the whole family.

So, with the UK brimming with theme parks, which ones are the best, and most affordable of the lot? Let’s take a look...

A small roller coaster is the best way to get all the kids, old and young, enjoying something together

Don’t forget, the prices listed are all the online prices. These are always cheaper than the “on-the-day” prices, which is why we’d advise you book ahead online, for your family day out.

1. Landmark Forest Adventure Park

Price per adult: £7.25 in Winter, £21.45 in Summer

Destination: Carrbridge, Scotland

Type: Families of all Ages

Landmark Forest Adventure Park is the cheapest theme park on our list, during the winter months when some of its rides are closed. It’s the ideal destination for larger families, with kids of all ages.

What really makes this theme park one of our favourites is the HUGE variety of attractions. Yes, there are amazing, fast roller coasters for the older thrill-seekers, but there are also labyrinths, mirror mazes, illusionary exhibits, “real” dinosaurs, and so much more.

2. Gulliver’s Theme Park & Resorts

Price per adult: £15-18, depending on the location

Destination: Warrington, Matlock Bath, and Milton Keynes

Type: Families with Young Children

Gulliver’s collection of theme parks, across the UK, are mainly targeted for families with younger children. With numerous attractions to keep the kids happy, including kids play areas, a ghost house, a digger attraction, and so much more, it’s a child’s dream!

That’s not all, though, as they also have a wooden roller coaster, as well as numerous splash rides and spinning, swinging rides.

3. Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Price per adult: £15.72

Destination: Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Type: Families of All Ages

The word “pleasure beach” may not invoke images of thrilling roller coasters but, in that, you’d be wrong. Yarmouth’s Pleasure Beach has everything you’d expect from a beachside pier, but also has an endless list of thrilling roller coasters, water rides, and more.

Getting all the family involved in this attraction won’t be hard. Whether it be young children, teens, or even adults, it’s fun for everyone.

4. Flambards

Price per adult: £19.76

Destination: Helston, Cornwall

Type: Families of All Ages

Similar to number 3, Flambards also provides entertainment for everyone of all ages. With a number of sky-high rides, including swinging, spinning rides, a big dropping ride, and more, you can ignite your inner thrill-seeker.

Although these attractions are definitely more adult and teenager friendly, there are also numerous options to attract those younger children. These include rides like the classic tea cup ride, a carousel, mini golf, and more.

5. Fantasy Island

Price per adult: £19.80

Destination: Skegness, Scotland

Type: Families of All Ages

The fantastic list of “fun for all the family” theme parks really doesn’t stop there. Although perhaps a little out of the way for many Brits, Fantasy Island is worth travelling for.

Expect the likes of over 30 thrilling roller coasters, luxury holiday homes, for a longer stay, and fun activities, like dodgems and a treetop climb. That said, what makes this one stand out from the rest is the Ingoldmells Market, Europe’s largest 7-day market. Explore the 320 stores, including clothing, equipment, and toys.

A bumper car will get everyone enjoying each other's company, as two people can ride in one together

6. Oakwood Theme Park

Price per adult: £20.50

Destination: South Wales

Type: Families of All Ages

The gorgeous greenery of Wales can’t be missed out from our list of amazing UK theme parks. Oakwood Theme Park is situated in the very heart of South Wales, and is an extremely accessible venue, that provides fun for all the family.

With a rickety wooden roller coaster, as well as some more modern options, it can’t be missed. Oakwood doesn’t stop there, though, as the list of activities is ripe, such as mini golf, shooting, and an arcade.

7. Crealy Theme Park & Resort

Price per adult: £21.95

Destination: Exeter, Devon

Type: Families of All Ages

Crealy Theme Park & Resort is the ultimate family getaway, whether it be for a quick weekend away, or just making a week of it. With glamping, hot tubs, and all those glorious luxuries, you’re not short for choice.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as they also have numerous rides, to keep the whole family entertained during your holiday away. Think fast roller coasters, splashing water rides, dropping rides, spinning rides - the lot.

8. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Price per adult: £28

Destination: Blackpool

Type: Families of All Ages

This is another pleasure beach option, which will take you to the glorious seaside. This is one of the most famous pleasure beaches out there, and it’s no surprise, considering everything it has to offer.

Again, this beachside attraction isn’t just small kiddy rides, but is also ideal for those thrill-seekers out there. Adjoining their main park is also their Nickelodeon Land, which is the perfect destination for younger children - perfect for all the family!

9. Drayton Manor

Price per adult: £29

Destination: Tamworth

Type: Families of All Ages

This is also a great option for larger families, with many people to entertain. With Thomas Land tailored towards toddlers, fun attractions for the kids, and thrilling rides for teenagers and adults, you can’t go wrong.

What’s more, Drayton Manor even has a beautiful zoo to explore. So, stay over for a weekend, and enjoy the thrills one day, and the animals the next.

10. Chessington World of Adventures

Price per adult: £29

Destination: Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London

Type: Families of All Ages

Last, but certainly not least, is Chessington World of Adventures; a fantastic park for all the family. With a zoo, aquarium, roller coasters, kids attractions, and more, you could spend days here, and never tire.

To add to this list of delights, Chessington also houses one of the UK’s Go Ape’s - a treetop adventure for the whole family. Grab a bed, with one of the many sleeping-over options, and enjoy everything this place has to offer.

An aquarium in a theme park is an interactive way to educate the kids, as well as involve the teenagers and adults

Some of the Most Affordable Theme Parks in the UK are Just on Your Doorstep...

As you can see, the UK theme park scene consists of a diverse array of family-friendly locations, for all ages. At the Family Attraction Expo, we want to make sure you know what’s out there, so you can get involved, and learn from the experts.

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