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Action Tag Laser Tag: The End of a Decade

As this decade draws to an end, Action Tag closes this year on a high. Find out how Action Tag Ltd. have stormed the Laser Tag scene across the world...

In the last year, Action Tag has gone from installing and supplying equipment to the largest indoor arena in the middle-east located in Jordan, to opening a whole new presence in that region of the world! Since then, they have tendered for several new projects in the middle-east, and look forward to meeting everyone there again in Dubai, when they return in March.

Discover how Action Tag have penetrated further reaches of the world, and how you can get involved too!

 This laser tag area demonstrates Action Tag's plans in the American laser tag scene

Entering the American Laser Tag Scene

The company has also just expanded into the United States, with a new distributor. Very recently, they delivered their demo kit to him, so he can now do hands-on demonstrations of the equipment inside of the states. This way, he can act on any tackle any maintenance issues, which have long been the worry of prospective customers from there.

There will also be a brand new shiny website, specifically for their American brothers, where they will be able to order their equipment from the American dealer.

Action Tag’s Future

Action Tag has been expanding rapidly - just recently, another new site in Malta was opened, which had excellent reviews.

Now, Action Tag has been tasking their R & D team to come up with some new ideas in other areas of entertainment, not just laser tag. As usual, the team have surpassed themselves.

NEW GAME ALERT: Treasure Hunt Heroes

They have come up with an innovative new product for the soft play industry, called Treasure hunt heroes. Treasure Hunt Heroes is an innovative product aimed at enhancing the customer experience for various play areas, such as climbing arenas, soft play areas, and the like. It promotes more active fun in such areas, for children and grownups alike.

The system they developed consists of a number of digital “treasure chests”, placed across the playing field. At the start of the game, each player is swiftly registered and issued with a personal wristband. Then, the player proceeds to the play area, and starts looking for “treasure chests”.

Activating each “treasure chest” with a player’s wristband will award the player a certain amount of treasure. This is immediately displayed on a large screen, and also on the dedicated website over the internet. In order to get the highest score, players need to activate as many “treasure chests” as possible during their game time.

At the end of the game, players return their wristbands, and receive a personalised score showing how well they did in their treasure hunt. The score is visible online, and can be shared by the player over Facebook, promoting your venue and inviting players friends to challenge the score achieved.

The system is easy to install to newly built play areas, but it’s also easy to upgrade existing ones. The operator gets full control over the system – light and sound effects of each “treasure chests”, the value of each chest, logos and designs of screens where live scoring is displayed, and so forth. It is possible to convert gathered treasure points towards the player’s discount for the next games, bringing friends etc. to promote your play area and attract repeat business.

This boy playing laser tag with Action Tag is clearly having a great time

Get Your Laser Tag Arena!

If you’re operating an existing play area or a similar activity, or are manufacturing such play areas, please come and see Action Tag’s system at the Family Attraction Expo. Grab your FREE ticket, and come along to stand number FM2270 on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham. This way, you can witness their product demonstration, and exciting upgrade ideas, aimed at increasing your revenue.

If you want to discover more, take a look at the contact details, below:

COMPANY NAME: Action Tag Ltd



PHONE: 01253313175