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Active Entertainment: A New Trend in the FEC Industry


FECs, or Family Entertainment Centres, are at the very heart of the family attraction world, but how can you keep families coming back for more? Active entertainment can help...

Active entertainment is all about keeping every member of the family engaged and excited. Through giving everyone an adrenaline rush, whilst promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, the secrets of Family Entertainment Centres can be unlocked.

Walltopia is where this all begins, having set themselves up as the world's leading climbing wall manufacturer, in 1998. Since opening, they’ve built over 1800 climbing walls across the world, and have now branched out into adventure facilities.

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This kid rock climbing is having a great time, as he hangs from his harness and is instructed by an instructor

Explore the World of Walltopia

Active Entertainment brings out the courage, excitement, and adventure in everyone!

  • Encourage your four-year-old to be brave and confident, overcoming the fear of heights climbing the Fun Walls.

  • Teach a teenager persistence while passing through the various Ropes Course obstacles.

  • Compete with your friend, and become stronger by training on the Ninja Course.

  • Turn your mate’s dream of flying into a reality, with the Rollglider.

  • Learn about the magical underground world walking through the Walltopia Caves.

Do all of these in the FEC world, together with the people you love. These great shared experiences, in combination with the drive for a healthier lifestyle, are always going to be a trend in the industry.

The Active Entertainment Ethos

FECs business of getting families and friends together is in never-ending competition with time, as the next big thing coming in town is always around the corner. The idea of bringing people together, with accessible and engaging activities, is the general concept of Walltopia Active Entertainment.

Driven by the desire to create exceptional experiences appealing to everyone, the company provides attractions that combine sports with fun, and a healthy dose of adrenaline in an urban environment.

To achieve sustainability and build a loyal customer base, a FEC should regularly reinvent through new attractions and services. Walltopia Active Entertainment transforms physical activities into an amusing and purposeful play, and gives people the opportunity to enjoy great shared experiences - that’s what makes people come back to a FEC.

This man on a rope course is looking down to get his balance, but smiling from the adrenaline rush

Meet the Future of FEC

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