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Helping holiday parks get back on their feet with design, marketing and social distancing

Alternating clever marketing with creative design and strategic thinking will give your holiday-makers the best time, long-lasting memories (staying socially distanced and safe) as well as making money.


Our basic yet still popular social distancing items include protective screens, floor stickers, posters, wayfinding signage, branded hand sanitising stations and more. We have a new range of product innovations to help boost bookings and market your attractions which have been hugely popular.


Door seals with a perforated strip which tears upon opening, to show that a room has been deep cleaned and sanitised and that no-one else has entered since this time. This will reassure your guests, make them feel at ease and have a comfortable stay.


Cutlery sleeves which can be branded with your logo or message prevent cutlery from touching common surfaces, reassuring guests that you’ve take extra precautions to ensure their safety. 


Toilet seat straps are paper wrappers which wrap around a toilet seat lid to show it is sanitised and ready to use. 

Remote control covers show a remote control has been sanitised specifically for their stay. Television handsets are a breeding ground for bacteria so this branded item reassures guests that health and hygiene are paramount.


Disposable menus printed in pads have been popular as instead of passing through many hands before it gets to yours, your guests can be sure they are thrown away and recycled. Children’s menus with colouring, dot to dot and other activities mean a child can take away the menu and do the activity at a later date. We can also design and print on durable NeverTear material which stays fresh after each deep clean.


Branded serviettes saves time washing cloth napkins and ensures you’re the only person touching this item. By adding various branding / messages you can promote your holiday park and other activities as well as keeping guests safe. 


We’ve also seen a big increase in the number of single use marketing materials we produce, such as welcome packs, key card holders, directional maps, leaflets, flyers, branded pens, notepads and more. These items should only be touched by one person, kept and taken home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. It also means your marketing is taken with your guests, considered, and used more than usual hopefully resulting in repeat visits.


Covid19 has changed the way in which people take holidays and use their time, hopefully this will mean an increase in the number of people staying in the UK this year. We can help you to ensure your branding and marketing materials get results, as well as keeping guests socially safe. 


Visit our website for more details on social distancing items: or call 01202 717418 to chat with our friendly team of experts.