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Hand sanitiser solutions to encourage hand hygiene

Gel Station Ltd has designed hand sanitiser solutions to prompt hand hygiene.

Following government working safely during coronavirus, businesses need to follow handwashing and hygiene procedures and encourage and provide hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities to ensure employee and visitor safety.

Gel Station Ltd have created a range of hand sanitiser solutions designed to limit touching any surfaces.

The design is based on the globally adopted traffic light system: Red to Stop, Yellow to Gel and Green to GO. Its eye-catching colour make it easy to spot to and acts as a visual reminder to clean hands.

The height of the gel dispenser suits children and adults, wheelchair users and elderly, while the battery operation avoids the need for any physical contact. Being battery powered, it can be installed almost anywhere.

Our battery powered option requires 4 X C size batteries and its estimated 30,000 dispenses before needing to change the batteries. It has an option to use a DC power supply, which make our Station adaptable for most locations and environments.

They are finished in a robust metal construction with a smooth power coated finish makes each station easy to clean and maintain.

The base is adaptable to be fixed or floor standing and lockable.

Some designs have storage areas to keep the refillable or empty containers.

There are options to choose battery, DC, or pump, and a choice of tank.

The dispenser offers a 0.8ml of hand gel for the user gel to clean their hands and a built-in delay to assist with overuse or misuse.

The Physically and aesthetically designed stations offer a professional solution to encourage hand hygiene. Show your customers that your company is looking after their safety and wellbeing.

This alongside the other government guidelines help limit the spread of viruses, where other alternatives to provide washing hands are not available.