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Why do Virtual Reality Attractions Require Such a Large Physical Space?

Virtual reality is known for needing a lot of physical space to work effectively, but what if there was a simpler solution? Roto VR could be the next step in VR innovation...

Traditional virtual reality requires a lot of space to provide the ultimate experience. Whether it be a 4D cinema, a flight simulator, or the like, family attractions need to put aside a lot of extra space to keep up with this trend!

If the world of virtual reality can’t find a solution to this quickly, it’s not just the out-of home market that suffers! If we want people to work, play, and interact with one another in VR as part of everyday life, we first need to be able to sit down (in comfort).

Solution: Don’t stand up…sit down!

These 3 people enjoying virtual reality are sitting in the Roto VR 360 swivelling seat to get the full experience

The Virtual Reality Strategy

Most people sit down 8-10 hours a day to work, play games, watch movies, eat lunch and browse the internet. That said, sitting down in VR has some unique challenges which need to be overcome, such as:

  • Traversal (how we move around)

  • Motion sickness

  • Cable management

These challenges are interlinked.

From a commercial standpoint, a standing user needs a relatively large space compared to a seated user, which impacts the ROI directly for any FEC, retailers, or events company.

Challenges with ‘Seated VR’

Why can’t we just sit down and explore VR like a normal video game? In video games we use joysticks to move around digital environments. We don’t get motion sick because the TV screen is quite small. Our peripheral view of the stationary living room is enough to give our brains the context it needs to feel comfortable.

However, in VR, the user’s peripheral vision is fully absorbed in the experience. If a user sits down in a normal chair (i.e. sitting stationary) whilst the whole digital world spins around, motion sickness will occur.

The Solution

VR needs a seated solution that solves these problems simultaneously. At the Family Attraction Expo, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, you’ll get the chance to check out Roto VR at stand FM2512. Get your FREE ticket to the show to experience the future of 360-degree VR (fully immersed and comfortably seated).

We can’t wait to see you there!