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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This September in the Family Attraction World

Septembers monthly news in the family attraction world is jam-packed with all-new attractions across the board! Don’t fall behind, and check it out...

Every month, the family attraction world has fresh new openings and development plans, which boosts competition every day! At the Family Attraction Expo, we want to ensure you don’t get left behind!

Our FREE tickets provide you with the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the game, by exposing you to the products and services which will improve your customer experience. The event in November is just around the corner but, in the meantime, our monthly news reel is just the place for you to beat the increasing competition.

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This month has been a big month for museums. Not only did Science Museum workers strike over low pay at the start of the month, but the Irish Emigration Museum was announced as a finalist for the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction Award 2019 at this year's World Travel Awards! That’s not all, though, as there’s much more where that came from...

Development Plans

Firstly, designs for the Archaeological Museum of Sparta have been released; a modern take on showcasing the historical artefacts of the ancient world. What’s more, the costs for a new museum in Berlin, showcasing the best of 20th century history, have now doubled since 2016. Due to these increases in construction expenditure, it’s now set to open in 2026.

Finally, a new museum of London is set to be built soon, on the previously derelict poultry market in Farringdon. Having been closed to the public for years, this is a fantastic use of an otherwise useless piece of land.

New Openings

This month has also seen new museums opening left, right, and centre. For starters, a Bauhaus museum, showcasing the German art schools arts and crafts, opened in Dessau this month. In a more surprising turn of events, Camden is set to welcome the very first vagina museum, designed to bust the myths surrounding this important genitalia.

To add to this, Essex’s Peabody Museum is preparing a £100 million expansion, inspired by their neuroscience research. Finally, this isn’t necessarily a new opening, but a Blitz Museum in Coventry has been unearthed in the media as a secret treasure that people didn’t know existed! Opened in 2002, the museum has collected donated objects from residents in the area during WW2.

New Exhibitions

This month, we welcome a Dallas Holocaust museum expansion, which will focus on the genocides and human rights struggles over the years. We also hope that the V&A succeeds in their plight to reunite 80 stolen pieces of art from the Nazis to their families!

What’s more, a hyperrealistic 1849 painting of the moon, by the Victorian inventor, James Nasmyth, will now be on display at the Science Museum. Spanning two metres squared, it shows off every detail of our celestial onlooker in all its glory.

Additionally, the Natural History Museum in London has entered the media a lot this month. This is because a lot of exciting new discoveries have led to fresh additions to their exhibitions. For example, a rare bat was discovered in a small clothes shop, which sadly died, but was collected by the museum to be exhibited.

On a similar vein, the world’s largest amphibian was discovered within the very walls of the museum. After tests were taken out on a 1920s specimen, DNA has shown that the creature is the biggest of its genus! That’s not all, though, as a man who illegally collected bird eggs has been convicted, and his 5,000 unhatched eggs are now in the hands of the Natural History Museum.

All of these animal discoveries coincide nicely with the museum’s latest Urban Nature Project, which has gained support from the National Lottery. The idea is to boost communal awareness of nature within an increasingly urban city, to establish a connection with it like never before.

This T-Rex skeleton in the centre of a museum has been around for millions of years

Theme Parks

This month, we congratulate Europa-Park, which was voted the best amusement park in the world! That said, the park can expect even more competition over the next few years, with new parks opening almost everywhere:

New Openings

September has welcomed new theme parks across the globe, including:

  • Tajikistan opening an extremely costly french-style theme park.

  • Sarasota welcomes the nation’s biggest inflatable adventure park.

That said, the world of theme parks won’t stop expanding, as plans for new openings have also been released across the globe:

  • New York can expect to welcome its largest theme park yet, mixing DreamWorks, Legoland, and Nickelodeon, all within 50 rides!

  • Redevelopment plans for Dreamworld, in Australia, have been set out by Ardent Leisure.

  • Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, will soon say hello to their very first water and amusement park, set to open in November.

  • Tokyo, the home of Nintendo, is set to open a Nintendo themed park next spring.

  • A new theme park at Paradigm Mall, in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, is set to open.

Interesting Attractions

We must also commend the attractions that are really pushing the boat out, by introducing fresh new exhibitions to boost their customer experience. This includes a theme park in Spain, which will be showcasing 1,500 years of Spanish history in theatrical reenactments.

What’s more, in a shocking turn of events, an Italian town are planning on turning Mussolini’s crypt into a tourist attraction! Despite his lack of popularity, his far right government during the early 1900s was a key part of the country’s history, and should not be forgotten.

Water Parks

To finish off, although summer is drawing to a close, the world of water parks isn’t stopping any time soon. New water parks can be expected across the board, including:

  • A new water park, called ‘Splash City AdventurePark’, set to open in St. George, near Washington City.

  • Plans for a £75 million water park in the UK have been laid out, with ideas for thrilling rides, as well as a relaxing spa.

  • Coney Island amusement park is planning to remove all their other rides, focusing their attention on water park rides, instead.

  • USA’s Diggerland is expanding its offerings by introducing ‘The Water Main’ water park.

  • A new water park in Mexico is a complete paradise for adults, with no queues whatsoever.

  • Indonesia break the Guinness World Records by introducing the largest inflatable water park ever made!

This man at a water park is looking out the the slides to decide where to go to first

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