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Joel Campbell: Speaking at the Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Joel Campbell

How putting employees and customers first drives your business

We will look at why putting employees and customer at the forefront of our business has been vital to our success. How we embedded a specific culture that drives all of our employees to deliver first class customer service and this has impacted our business. Looking at the connection between employee engagement and customer experience.

About Joel Campbell

I’m an entrepreneur, businessman, innovative marketer, a serious salesperson, and a passionate advocate for positively disruptive thinking. I love every aspect of business, achieving my own goals and helping others to fulfil theirs. For me, business is not work or my job it’s a lifestyle, one that I enjoy immensely.

As CEO of The Campbell Group, I oversee the strategic development and growth of businesses within our family, which encompasses leisure, tourism, events, property, technology and health.

I’m a true entrepreneur who’s far from afraid of making – and celebrating – my mistakes, I have started, developed, run and sold businesses. Getting it beautifully right, horribly wrong, and lots in between. From a bank account with just £1.57 in it, to multi £million deals, I’m an entrepreneur in the very sense of the word. Passionate and eloquent, I have strong opinions and I’m not afraid of controversy.