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Harriet Pennant-Williams: Speaking at the Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Harriet Pennant-Williams

How putting employees and customers first drives your business

We will look at why putting employees and customer at the forefront of our business has been vital to our success. How we embedded a specific culture that drives all of our employees to deliver first class customer service and this has impacted our business. Looking at the connection between employee engagement and customer experience.

About Harriet Pennant-Williams

Harriet joined The Campbell Group of Companies in May 2018 in the role of Sales Director. Proud and passionate about sales and marketing to the extent of being really quite geeky about her love of clever marketing and advertising campaigns. Her career has been spent in sales and marketing predominately in the highly competitive media world most extensively in commercial radio. Her attention to detail, grammar and spelling sometimes means she is referred to as the ‘grammar Police’! A proven leader, who understands the customer journey and how focusing on excellent customer service drives business and revenue. Coupled with a strong desire to engage and develop employees within the organisation makes for a winning formula.