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Keynote Speaker
Klaus Sommer Paulsen: Speaking at the Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Klaus Sommer Paulsen

CEO & Founder - AdventureLAB

Discover the Magic of Imaginative Playtime Narratives

Children''s imagination is a wonderful thing, and when encouraged, it holds the power to create amazing worlds to be explored through play. During this session, we will discuss what it takes to present kids of different ages with content and inspiration to create story experiences in which they become the stars. Heroes or villains, humans or not, living their own storylines will help children learn and grow.

About Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Klaus Sommer Paulsen is CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB in Denmark. The studio designs and facilitates creative strategies, story and experience concepts for attractions, destinations and other experiential brands and spaces.

In his daily work, Klaus merges decades of experience in marketing, entertainment and design. The anchoring point of it all is the heart of the story, the experience, and the convergence of the two.

Klaus has spoken and lectured for years about new narrative dimensions and themed experiences. He is the author of Integrated Storytelling by Design, contributing editor for the Storytelling Beyond The Screen anthology and has published articles for various media outlets.

Klaus has been active on several boards for years, including Themed Entertainment Association’s EME Division and International Board of Directors, and is working with educational institutions developing and designing educational programs. In 2021, AdventureLAB became a partner with BoldMove Nation, with Klaus as Integrated Storytelling Director.