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Liam Richardson & Pete Fuller

CEO & Founder, and Director of Sales - Whats Running

What Is the Next Generation of Interactive Family Entertainment?

What does the next generation of family entertainment look like?

We want to share our extensive experience in the family entertainment business, giving you ideas on how to create dynamic spaces through interactive activities, branding, lighting, audio and special effects.
One dimensional facilities are finding it hard to gain repeat business. The new age of customers are defined by a mobile first generation with a shorter attention span and more throw away experiences. This creates a demand and need for a variety of immersive and alluring environments to keep them loyal to your brand.
Family Entertainment Solutions to be covered:
- CONSUMERS - Identifying the consumer in a constantly evolving market.
- ENVIRONMENT - Creating an immersive environment is a key factor which seems to be overlooked, but we believe it is one of the most important additions to your business to truly captivate the next generation through the use of Branding, Lighting and Audio.
- ACTIVITIES - Producing multifaceted facilities are the way forward to feed the demand and fulfill the active imagination of new age customers.
- TECHNOLOGY - Integration of technology through all-inclusive gamified activities and accommodate the need to share experiences across various online platforms.
- UPGRADES - Retrofitting structures and activities with enhanced branding and tech to add value and ultimately breathe new life into your park.

About Liam Richardson & Pete Fuller

Liam Richardson: Founder / Director – Whats Running.
One of the UK’s leading audio-visual engineers and a technology specialist. Working in the leisure industry for the last 15 years Liam has a passion for development, an eye for product design and his finger on the pulse. Working alongside some of the biggest names in the leisure sector to design and install solutions all over the world has contributed to the development of Flycam Technologies.
Peter Fuller: Sales Director – Whats Running.
An entrepreneur / business owner that has extensive experience & knowledge of the family entertainment industry, having worked with clients all over the globe. Peter has dedicated himself to creating a wow factor within the entertainment space and specialises in working with business owners to establish their vision and bring their dream family entertainment to life.