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Louise Carr-Smith

Understanding HFSS rules and how retailers can prepare

The UK Government’s proposed introduction of new legislation targeting high fat, salt and sugar products is currently in consultation, with an expectation that it will become law in October 2022. The changes will limit promotional activity and in-store merchandising locations for categories including soft drinks, confectionery, treats, beverages, crisps and snacks. Retailers and brands alike are facing new challenges and uncertainties to which both must quickly adapt.

About Louise Carr-Smith

Louise Carr-Smith is a Food Industry professional, ex-Unilever PLC and a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology. She is a non-executive on the Advisory Board at Sugarwise, the accreditation body for sugar reduction. An entrepreneur, Louise is the originator and founder of Clever Sweets Limited, a UK based business offering sugar free candy which is tooth friendly but also sweetener-free, with the very best natural fruit based colours and flavours and added nutrients.
Passionate about reinventing products to meet the new HFSS rules, Louise offers consultancy services to food businesses wishing to secure their place in Retail going forward, with a positive and realistic approach.