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Nadine Buzzard: Speaking at the Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Nadine Buzzard

CEO & Founder - Kiss My Parcel

The Extraordinary Story of Kiss My Parcel

Kiss My Parcel has been on an incredible journey from 2016 to date. All will be revealed in a riveting, exciting and honestly frank 20 minute presentation.

About Nadine Buzzard

My name is Nadine Buzzard, I am 39-year-old engaged mother of 2 beautiful girls. I am the founder of Kiss My Parcel Ltd. which predominantly concentrates on corporate gifting.

I also happen to be mixed race and gay. Breaking into the corporate market is not easy at the best of times and being a triple minority has had its additional obstacles but I am still operating, still achieving mind blowing goals and honoured to have an opportunity to share my story.