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Nathan Little

Operations Director - One19 Creative

Innovation, it has to be more than a buzz word.

Now more than ever its imperative businesses offer unique and memorable experiences while making sure those experiences are fresh, relevant and easy to change. Our seminar will discuss the latest technology trends and where they are heading, the importance and reasons why we as a business moved from a me-too print company to a multi skilled tech house and how technology and change isn’t as scary as it seems.

About Nathan Little

Having always had an open mind and a head full of ideas I joined our family software house 16 years ago and have been hooked by innovation since. Focusing on a gap in the market we grew from 5 to 25+ employees utilising different technologies taking clients on a journey from paper-based solutions to being fully mobile & cloud-based.

I worked passionately with multinationals to local customers. Listening to their needs and developing a range of products from mobile applications used on the road that linked to a cloud-based back-office system to a telemetry solution that reduced human intervention and manual processes. Always focusing on making the product easy to use for the end user.

Seeing One19s innovative and unique products and scope to grow, in 2020 I jumped at the chance to join the business to use my past experiences to help grow the business to its full potential.