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Rick Turner

Post Traumatic GROWTH – thriving in the post Covid World!

Looking to bounce back after the pandemic ? In 2001 foot and mouth nearly closed my business The BIG Sheep, one of the UK’s leading farm parks, but we experienced something called Post Traumatic Growth – and had years of exponential growth. Post Covid, we are now experiencing our most profitable trading ever and you can learn from what I have done to enjoy growth and profits, personally and within your business.

About Rick Turner

Rick Turner developed and runs The BIG Sheep Theme Park, in Devon. This leading SW attractions which has won multiple awards for innovation, customer service and national and international recognition for the unique blend of humour and farming which has entertained over 3 million visitors. The hilarious sheep racing was one of these original ideas.

Rick is a farmer and business maverick who has studied psychology and is guaranteed to entertain and provide fantastic business ideas, which he himself uses and which can be easily implemented to develop a strategy to bounce back from Covid and indeed use it to power boost your life and business.

Working with Psychiatrist Andy Cope, Rick presents the “Art of Being Brilliant” program on positive psychology and commissions in the past have included the SW Chartered Institute of Personal Development closing session at their regional conference and presenting to the Academy of Chief Executives.