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Keynote Speaker
Simon Prager: Speaking at the Leisure Toy & Gift Fair

Simon Prager

Head of Commercial Operations - The Tank Museum

Stories Sell

For any Visitor Attraction we want to ensure our visitors leave happy and we have maximised our revenue from them in a way that matches our aims and values. Simon will take you through why he believes ‘Stories’ are the best way to do this, and why he believes Stories are the difference between a good day out and a great day out for the visitor.

About Simon Prager

Simon is a retailer by trade, with 20 years’ experience from store management to project management, to operations. After leaving university with a degree in IT, he worked most of his life for British Home Stores before moving into agricultural retailing, which proved that a customer is a customer, regardless if they need a bikini or animal feed.

Taking this theory further, Simon swapped sales in swimwear and straw to products about soldiers and can now be found running the site of Dorset’s largest indoor tourist attraction - The Tank Museum, home to the largest collection of tanks in the world. Two years into his role and a large proportion of which during the pandemic, his proactive approach to diversifying the museum’s business model in unprecedented times has proven crucial to the success of it continuing to remain a financially viable business despite months of being closed to the public.