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Sina Yamani

The Customer is King: Understanding how consumer expectations are changing and how to benefit from them.

Customer expectations have quickly shifted in the last few years, with the hospitality industry impacted like never before. Learn how to stay ahead, benefit from consumer trends and future-proof your business through award-winning technology.

Within this 30 minute session, you are given valuable information on the future of hospitality and ways in which you can increase your revenue, improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

About Sina Yamani

At 23 years old Sina left university to pursue his own business, Yoello. After working in both the hospitality and technology sectors, he found there was a huge opportunity to modernise and improve these operations through the latest technologies. Fast forward to July 2020, Yoello launched its first product: a contactless mobile ordering solution for hospitality businesses to improve efficiency, increase revenue and enhance the customer experience.

Within less than a year, Sina has grown the team from 5 to over 60 employees. The multi-award-winning platform is now used by thousands of family attractions and hospitality venues, including settings such as Darwin Escapes. Yoello supports businesses across the UK and beyond with feature-rich and user-friendly technology.

In the coming months, Yoello is set to launch its own open banking payment gateway having secured FCA authorisation in 2020 which will enable businesses to save thousands of pounds each year on transaction fees.